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Please complete the Application Form in as much detail as possible so that we can assess your eligibility for the range of energy efficiency / carbon saving grants that we are able to offer.

You do not need to be in receipt of a benefit to apply, but where you are not in receipt of a benefit, we do need to ask about your household income.

Please ensure you have got the following information to complete your application, this will help us to confirm if you are eligible for one or more of our grants.

  • Your full contact details including ideally a mobile phone number and email address

  • The names of any income related or other benefits you or another resident in the home receives

  • The name and date of birth of the person who receives the benefit (if not you)

  • Details of your total household income before tax (including any benefits you may receive)

  • The ages and number of children or pensioners who live with you

  • Information about any illness or disability that you or someone living with you may have

  • A copy of your council tax or other utility bill from the last 16 months (if available), this will speed up your application process

  • A memorable word which we will use to confirm your identity if you call and to password protect any documents that we send you

Please note: The funding is subject to eligibility, survey, terms and conditions and available funding. 

Are you a tenant? You will also need to provide us with the name, address, contact number and email address for your landlord, please ensure you have their permission to share their data with us.  It will also speed up your application if you can upload a copy of your tenancy agreement. 

Are you a landlord? You will need to provide us with all of the information for your tenant as above, please ensure you have their permission to share their data with us, or ask them to apply directly. We will need their permission before we can continue any further, so we will ask for this by email or text after the form has been completed. 

Flats/Maisonettes and other leasehold properties. We will need you to give us the name and contact details for the freeholder or management company for the building, so we can seek their permission for any works involving the fabric of the building or the surrounding grounds.

To start the application please begin with your personal details and then click 'Continue' to go to the next steps

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